more waiting.

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My brother went to school to be a marriage counselor, once upon a time. At one point he was treating married couples decades older than he was while he was a single twenty-something guy living with his mom. He told fantastic stories about his anger management support group. I wonder if he made faces at his patients. I would have, if I was him, at the patients I didn’t like. It’s always perfectly clear to others what I think about someone. I’m terrible about hiding things like that. 

I am still tense. I think I worked too much this weekend. Didn’t stretch enough. My roommate is getting up before dawn to vote tomorrow. She says her family voted early this weekend and waited two hours in line. So did her friend in Florida. Early!

I hope people aren’t expecting the next president to work a miracle. That would be unfair. 

I made brussels sprouts with pecans and butter tonight. Perfect little cabbages.

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