How to Foretell the Weather Using the Pocket Spectroscope
#Books and Pamphlets / Letterpress and linoleum block printing; 2014

How to Foretell the Weather Using the Pocket Spectroscope was my contribution for the month of November to the 2013 SP Weather Station Portfolio, published by Natalie Campbell and Heidi Neilson.

There was really very little rain in November of 2013, but what there was of it mainly fell on November 27th. Included is a description of how to read the rain bands using a pocket spectroscope, a widely popular weather forecasting trend in the 19th century, and my rendering of what the rain bands on November 27th, 2013 might have looked like through the spectoscope.

Letterpress and linoleum print on paper, trifold pamphlet, 10 ½ x 12 ½ in. (open), 10 ½ x 4 ¼ in. (closed). Edition of 30 + 10 AP.

Featuring six years of monthly editions by 85 artists. SP Weather Station is an interdisciplinary project that collects weather data and produces weather-related events, publications, and exhibitions. Each year, SPWS publishes a collated portfolio of weather reports. One artist (or artist group) per month is invited to ‘report’ on the weather data taken by SPWS instruments on the roof of Flux Factory in Long Island City, NY. This open-ended assignment may be interpreted strictly or loosely; artists have created prints, booklets, drawings, audio files, photos and video.