Going South

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Fall is a like one big marathon. Highlights include:

-Staten Island half marathon completed without injury! (Staten Island is pretty! And flat!)

-two, count ’em, two public speaking events completed, without major mishap and without me vomiting on my shoes or passing out, or blanking out entirely. The panel I organized last weekend at the APHA letterpress conference was well-received. And we got to go first, which meant we could relax and enjoy the rest of the conference afterwards. (Pretty pictures are from the Book Arts Studio at the Corcoran, which hosted APHA.

-New prints online through Cannonball Press! Yowza! Thanks guys!

-new fall scarf in progress

-new weasel pamphlet in progress

Major downsides may be lurking in the background; however, vacation (to paris!) is looming in the distance, which makes all the difference. I’ve been listening to french news podcasts for weeks to bone up. Hopefully France won’t implode before I visit.