Spring Pamphlets are out, and other news.

Spring Pamphlets are out, and other news.

Spring is here my friends. I had a fantastic time at my first Manhattan Fine Press Book Fair. Books were ogled, read, flipped through, manhandled. People liked my field guide. I talked about myself without too much difficulty.  It was a good day. The Field Guide to Extinct Birds, standard edition, is officially available, by the way. Five whole copies are bound, with more on the way. Contact me if you are interested in having a copy.

I spoke about the WONDER and the JOY of Letterpress at the Strand last Thursday. Thank you to Jessica C. White and Kseniya Thomas, the founders and leading light of the Ladies of Letterpress for inviting me to join them, along with the lovely Gina Houseman of Papersheep Design on a panel in honor of the publication of their new book:

WHICH IS AMAZING and you should all get a copy now. Really.

But the best thing about spring is undoubtedly New Spring Informational Pamphlets:

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The Spring 2015 Brain Washing From Phone Towers Informational Pamphlet is done, and copies are going out in the mail to subscribers, strangers, and friends right now as we speak. You should be receiving your copy shortly, if you haven’t already. The Spring edition concerns the history of cryptography, and asks the following questions: How do we solve the problem of communication at a distance? What is the best way to communicate secrets? Has the government always been reading our messages? What kinds of things do we substitute in place of language in order to keep things private? And other related issues, in easily portable paper form. I promise no one will eavesdrop on you while you read it.

I’ll be at the Brooklyn Zine Fest this Saturday, April 25th at the Brooklyn Historical Society in Brooklyn Heights, with pamphlets in hand and subscription forms at the ready, as well as a few other small-scale productions. Come say hello!