Bachman’s Warbler and an update

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Bachman’s Warbler and an update

Bachman's Warbler

Bachman’s Warbler was named after the Reverend John Bachman, a good friend of Audubon’s, who collaborated with him on his second book, Viviparous Quadrupeds of North America. Audubon named the bird after his friend when he included it in The Birds of North America, though he never saw a living example of the bird himself. It is a small passerine that lives in the swamps and low-lying forests of the southeastern US, and winters in Cuba. The last confirmed sighting of this bird was in 1988 in Louisiana and many scientists believe it to be most likely extinct.

Want to learn more about him? I’d like to direct you to the new site for my field guide: On this site will be information about all the birds in the book, stories, photos of the printing process, a reading list, video, and more. I’ll be posting info here about the production part of the book, but the research and writing about extinction is moving there, so it will all be together in one place.

Here’s some photos from this weekend’s printing sessions; I finished up the Wake Island Rail, and he looks handsome.