It’s the most wonderful time of the year, hurrah.

That time of year when we shuffle around the house in dirty sweat socks, navigating sudden dips in mood and blood sugar as we absentmindedly munch on leftover holiday cookies. I’m so ridiculously happy not to be working on three things at once. Do I really have to blog? Can’t I just sit here? Did I mention I had a busy fall? Did I mention no days off for months, while marathon training? Two holiday parties on one day? I don’t even like parties?

Here’s some pretty photos from the open studios on Governor’s Island, lovely people came (thank you!) and said interesting things (yes!). I got to freely distribute informational pamphlets to a willing and receptive audience, from my lovely information rack and information desk. Leftover pamphlets are soon to be dropped in the mail, don’t worry. I made my fantasy business card (Sarah Nicholls, pamphleteer) and pressed it into sweaty palms.

information desk

Assorted Early Submarines

God, I made a lot of work there. Damn, that means a lot of internet updating. Crap, that seems like work. I’m gonna go to bed now, all this interneting makes me tired. Go watch this video here, it’s all you need to know about my fall. I’ve got some things to take care of, I’ll tell you about them soon.