Too wordy.

Category : art, pamphlets, type

Every time I start a new pamphlet, I pretend that this one won’t be so wordy, but clearly I’m failing at this.

If I could just restrain myself, I’d be done by now. When I bought the type I’m using for the series, it was just about enough to set the whole thing. Those days are long gone. Each pamphlet gets wordier, which means more type. When I run out of letters, I have to print what I have, put everything back, then set the next bit, etc. At this point, I think I’m going to have to set, distribute, set, distribute, and set, distribute, set in order to get this one done.

Which is ok, I mean, obviously I like setting type. This is what I willingly did with my holiday weekend. I hope yours was just as pleasant and productive.