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2015-07-11 17.24.12

It’s summer, which means a lot of sitting in front of fans, thinking about moving, and thirty minute rain. My cat Jasper needs a thunder buddy. (You can find him under my bed, if you’re interested). I’m not running so much this summer, due to a lack of desire and a sore hamstring. I am making less pie. I am learning new things.

I printed this yesterday: 2015-07-17 17.40.24Silkscreen, not letterpress. I need to practice a bit.

I visited the Giglio, looked at the small horses, and wondered why a four foot rasta banana needs to exist.


2015-07-11 21.17.10


2015-07-11 21.09.04

I’ve made new friends.

2015-07-08 13.40.49

Bookbinding and such continues apace. I’m figuring out the deluxe edition. I’m planning new things. I’m sure I’ll have more to report come the fall. In the meantime, here’s to moving on.

2015-07-15 19.26.10


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