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In honor of this week’s heat wave, I bring you some fresh-off-the-press news.

Bam! New Pamphlet, in the mail, despite the fact that I think I’m getting a heat rash.

Escape Wheel is the New Informational Pamphlet for Summer 2013. Escape Wheel concerns time: biological, mechanical, relative, and narrative. Why don’t you go to work in the middle of the night? Why don’t we still use water clocks? Who’s more useful, an inarticulate engineer or a dodgy astronomer? What is a sextant? And many other pressing questions, both of our time and the times of others. Includes diagrams, rants, and useful knowledge for many occasions.

And that’s not even all! I bring you the new home of all things pamphlet-related:

Yep, my babies have their own home now. Come on by for occasional paranoid rants and old-timey technological excursions by your very own contemporary pamphleteer. I made it myself!

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