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I’ve been working on these drawings for over a year now; there’s something so comforting about working on them. One phrase or two; maybe just a word. Black ink on white paper. It’s just so simple. I’ve been thinking about making both a book and an animation out of them, but it’s the stringing together into something coherent that begins to trip me up. I like that they’re like the voice in your head. That same quality is what makes it hard to string them together into something else. That voice in my head tends to go in circles, not into anything sensical. That’s why when people ask me what I’m working on, I’m likely to just say ‘nonsense’. 

This may be of interest for some: 

The Hot Iron Press visiting artist program grants artists the opportunity to introduce printmaking processes into their body of work while interacting with the culture, setting, and art community of New Orleans. We are currently seeking artists working in any media who desire a chance to create an edition of works using screen-printing, relief, and/or letterpress printing.

There’s no deadline; you can find more information here:

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