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Work. No fun for me. The Center’s annual Benefit and Auction are coming up. Save the date! April 4, 2012!


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I need a new roommate and a new camera. Any suggestions? Frankie here isn’t helping.


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It’s too hot to blog, it’s too hot to think, I ran 11 miles this morning and have been in a dehydrated daze ever since. Can you imagine anything worse than being glued to someone with fur in August?

The evolutionary usefulness of shyness.

So far this weekend: I taught some of our volunteers on Saturday about the joy and wonder of handset type. Letterpress is all about controlling chaos, I explained, demonstrating how to keep small pieces of metal from flying into the air.

Tonight I ate dinner alone and came home to read this here. Huzzah!

Three thoughts.

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1. I’d like to start printing an informational pamphlet this weekend.

2. I’ve had enough of sleet

3. This morning, a man in broken sunglasses on the subway platform asked me, “How long would it take you to tell a man you were seeing how old you were?”.