Rome part one.

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The first three days in Italy I spent catching up with my old friend Miriam and her daughter Esme, who no longer is convinced that I’m out to steal her toys.

The last time I visited Miriam in Italy was way back in 2005? Which seems like another world at the moment.

The first time I came to Rome (2003?) I was with Miriam, and we spent 36 hours trying to see as many Caravaggio’s as we could, with her friend the art historian in tow to guide us.

But 36 hours isn’t enough and I always wanted to come back, and I wanted to see Miriam again, and prove to Esme that I was not as sketchy a character as she thought.

Three days with an old friend was the best way to start the trip I could think of. We ate good food and saw some Caravaggio’s for old times sake and walked around much slower than I would have on my own. And spent a good amount of time sitting in a piazza.

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