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I lost a week and a half of my life to a combination of pre-benefit invite madness and a nasty nasty cold.

I wish I felt clean. Mostly I feel like it’s going to be cold and wet forever, and I’m going to spend the rest of my life with massive amounts of snot clogging up my sinuses. I missed three different things because I thought they were going to happen, but really, they already did. 

Though I have gotten some work done.

And theoretically it will be spring soon. 

I finally finishes 365 Days by Julie Doucet, which has been hanging around the house since September. It was really nice. Like spending time with someone you really like. I read an interview with her where she says that she didn’t have any female friends when she just drew comics; now that she’s sworn off them she’s got a whole group of women friends. Though she’s still doing something comic-like, I think the difference is enough. Comics are like bluegrass, or fine press books, or tango, or anything else with a clearly defined structure and history. You can be a purist about it, and devote yourself to exploring that, but you can’t move it forward in the end. I also just read Seth’s Clyde Fans Book One which is so incredibly beautiful, but a great example of not moving forward. Not that I minded at all, forward isn’t the only way to go, not when it looks that good.

I’m going to content myself by moving around tiny bits of paper while I wait for my sinuses to drain and spring to spring.

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