Dahlia Elsayed

Category : art, language

Achy Desire, 2008

Her Favorite Technical Difficulties, 2004.




I was poking around the files for shows coming up in the next year at work and found Dahlia Elsayed. Which I was happy about. She says on her website: 



Writing and painting have always been close processes for me… The work has developed from book art to work on paper to large-scale installation paintings, that use image and text to create detailed, visual narratives of locations and experience.  

The work draws on my surroundings, informed by autobiography and environment, creating contemporary cartographies of memory, place and dislocation. Part data-tracking, part topography, these conceptual maps examine the aesthetic surfaces and ephemeral cultural markers of recent immigrant populations, of which I am a product. 

You can see more here: http://www.dahliaelsayed.com.


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