Dianna Frid

Category : art, book

There’s just too many things that I like about Dianna Frid’s work:

The materiality of it.

Dislocation of Snow, 2008.

The shifts of scale, large and small, books/ interior space and sculpture/ environments:

Greenhouse and Grove, 2006.

The link between pattern and texture and language.

Leak, Unique Book, 1999.

The ridiculous humor:

Floyd Collins, Cave Explorer, Unique book, 1998

From her website:

I make objects and images that span a wide range of scales and materials. My works take the intimate form of artist books, fiber works, and collages, or they function as sculptures, large drawings or as immersive environments.

One of the central themes of my recent work has been the relationship between diagrams, patterns and words and the things that these diagrams, patterns and words attempt to depict.

There’s so much great stuff on her website it was hard to choose just a few images. Click here to see more.

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