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More typesetting. Almost all done, except for the last bit on the timeline, which I need to do in a separate run, as I’m out of lowercase ‘i’s and number 1’s. Also the title and the colophon. This weekend I proofed what I had set, so that when I go on press I don’t have to spend two hours correcting my mistakes.

hand set type

I like to spend an entire session correcting, adjusting, justifying, troubleshooting, editing, and then go home, eat, rest, come back to it later.

hand set type

letterpress hand set type

Things still to grapple with: where is my box of prints? Where is the tympan paper I ordered six weeks ago? (I shouldn’t go on press without it, the used stuff we’re making do with is a sad story.) Will I be able to register the linoleum block on the backside? Colors?

And then: what am I bringing to Rome when I leave on vacation next week? My good walking shoes are giving out on me.

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