Night Animals

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I’m working on a broadside for poet Katie Degentesh, who’s reading on June 2 at the Center.

This is what she says about the poems she sent in for us to choose from:

This poem is from a forthcoming book-length project that has a working title
of Reasons to Have Sex. The poems’ titles are selections from the 238
answers listed in the “YSEX? Why Have Sex?” questionnaire, a scientific
document compiled by researchers after polling over 2,000 respondents on
their motivation for having sexual intercourse.

The poems themselves were then formed from internet search results, with
each search based on and containing phrases or words from the questions used for titles.

Since children can be said to be the reason all animals are equipped to have
sex, the poems themselves were further limited in that only search results
that were presented on the internet as children’s writing were used in the poems.

To be continued.

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