NY Art Book Fair 2012

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This past weekend was the NY Art Book Fair, which means I got to table-sit amongst the finest in artist publications, and their legions of fans. Look at all of these people who came  to Queens just to look at paper books with pages and obscure content in person!

It makes me think there’s still hope. And this was on the less crowded third floor. Below us was a hot sweaty madhouse. Is there a portal to hell in PS1? Because it’s always so damn hot at the book fair.

I promoted the Center and its programs and sold some pamphlets, and talked to nice people that I like. I bought this, my one and only purchase, which I love:

From Lubok Verlag, whose books I always love and have been coveting for the past two fairs.  From their website:

Since 2007 a series of original graphic linocut books is published by Lubok Verlag. For each volume publisher and artist Christoph Ruckhäberle invites about 10 contemporary artists to realize their own artistic signature in linocuts. The artists happily accept the challenge and often use the Lubok series as an experimental field. The results are correspondingly manifold….Lubok books thereby continue a russian tradition of the same named popular broad sheets: inexpensive originally printed graphics that were sold on funfairs well into the 19th century. Like then art should become available for broad sections of the population, should become democratized without losing the pleasure of an original, its colours, its haptics and its smell.

My book, by the way, smells wonderful. Look at the beautiful press they print on!

I love everything about this. I should start sending them pamphlets. This is what the insides look like:

The names of the artists are printed on the fore edge in red:


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