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As of this week, I’m starting a new residency at Guttenberg Arts in NJ. Three artists enjoy the luxury of 24 hour access to their facilities at a time for three months; I’m planning on starting work on a new book, and am wildly excited. (Details to follow.)

To kick it off there will be an exhibition of my work opening on Friday, January 8:

Reading Time is a reading room installed in the gallery at Guttenberg Arts that invites visitors to engage with monologues, brochures, ephemera, manifestos, scientific matter, propaganda, and alternate histories in the form of printed language. Included are a range of publications and a selection of prints which collectively revolve around the authority of the printed word. Publishing creates community, though that community may only be temporary and hard to hold together. In a culture where visual noise is inescapable, printed matter creates an opportunity to pause, ruminate, speculate, and share.

Totally accessible via a short bus ride from Midtown, Guttenberg Arts is a 4500 square foot gem, with both printmaking and ceramics facilities as well as a gallery. (It also serves as home base for the great artist-driven magazine Carrier Pigeon) Come say hello! from 7 to 9pm. I would love to see you there.


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