salty honey pie.

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You know what I haven’t done in a long time? Made pie.

I decided it was time to remedy that situation, by making the Salty Honey Pie, posted by my new big pie crushes, Four and Twenty Blackbirds, where I went for pie a couple of weeks ago, which reminded me of the frightening lack of pie in my life recently. The pie that day (Black Bottom Oatmeal-holey crap that’s a good pie) and this day, was fantastic, and surprising, and sweet and salty at the same time. I got to salt my pie after it had cooled today, a new experience for me. And I got to use these fantastic pastel blue eggs, which were lovely.

Aren’t they pretty? I’ve been unexcited and eating and cooking recently, sort of a last-dregs-of-winter slump. But making pie shook me out of that, I think.

Makes me glad spring pie, followed closely by summer pie, is on the horizon.

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