Save the Date!

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Save the Date!

Please join me in saying good-bye to beloved Center for Book Arts staff members Corinna Zeltsman and Nick Crawford, who each have decided to flee to more fertile lands this summer!

On Sunday June 27th I would like to host a Going Away Pie Bake-Off at my house in Brooklyn. Come say hello, goodbye, we’ll miss you dearly, enjoy some homemade pie goodness, along with complimentary beverages and ice cream, and vote for your favorite pie. Ribbons for prizes! Democracy in action! Free pie-related printed ephemera for all who attend!

Bakers, please contribute a pie! You can win prizes and glory!

Friends, please come and eat pie and say goodbye to Corinna and Nick!

Corinna and Nick, don’t leave! We’ll miss you!

Sunday, June 27th, 4pm to ??? .

Hey Bakers! Embrace your competitive streak! If you’re interested in entering the bake-off let me know via email. You know you want to!

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