Strange Things about DC

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I went down to Washington DC for a quick minute last month; there’s some funny things about it. For one thing, there’s a strange lack of food in places you would expect to find it, except for too-expensive food carts that all have the same signage:

The city itself is really surprisingly small. I went for a run and almost ended up in Maryland. Other things that you expect to be big are small, and vice versa. I went partly to see this exhibit at the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History. Which turned out to be only two small cases, with some books. Once there were billions indeed.

I comforted myself with an assortment of taxidermy:

And a visit to the birdhouse at the National Zoo:

The transit system was sufficiently dystopian:

The signs outside of the tourist zone were EXCELLENT:


All in all a good trip.

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