365 days

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1. This is some beautiful type. 

2. I spent Thursday night at the NY Art Book Fair, Printed Matter’s yearly artist book fest. Why is it always hot no matter where they hold it or when it is? I drank some disappointing cocktails and looked at a lot of books. Drawn and Quarterly were there, happily with this lovely book by Julie Doucet.

She’s my fantasy guest artist I’d like to bring to my unnamed place of employment. Did you know this was a translation?

That means she drew the entire book in french, then re-lettered the entire damn thing in English. Does that amaze you as much as it amazes me?

3. Today, I made parsnip-carrot-sweet potato pancakes, apple-blueberry crumble pie, and roasted some squash. I have now used up the last of my CSA fall vegetable crop. I have blueberry juice all over the bottom of the oven. 

4. This place cannot be. 

5. The wall is coming along nicely, thank you. 

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