an under-appreciated giant

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I’m not sure about the pink. 

I got an email tonight requesting that no one in my CSA tap on the glass tank where the local elementary school’s brand new pet snake is going to live. Was someone very worried about this? 

I have about five million more work-related events to go to this week than I would like to. I find the thought of it exhausting. What I would like to do, which I will most likely not have much time to do, is spend more time reading this.

I started reading it recently, after poor David Foster died and I suffered some guilt pangs over not making an effort to read his big novel before this, and am making slow, slow progress. Schlepping it around is giving me a stiff neck, and holding it up on the subway in the morning often makes my arm sore. But it’s just so, so good. I want it to go on forever, which it very well might.

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