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I’ve been thinking a lot about timing.


And pacing. I’ve gotten better at both. I think it’s mainly developing a sense of how very long things take. 

Cooking is one of those things that teaches you about time. Also about how you change over time. I always thought I hated cauliflower, I thought it was the most boring vegetable I could think of, almost as loathesome as peas. I learned I was wrong about that this week. Apparently cooking a vegetable properly makes it taste better. Who knew? 

I think that drawing also teaches you about time, a little bit, depending on how you do it. Drawing for me is satisfying because it’s something that can happen in bits over time. I don’t actually have a lot of time all the time, so this works well. 

But nothing has taught me about time as much as setting type does.    

Or building a form does. I like having learned a new way to think about how long time lasts, how long it takes to finish something. I like that time is variable and shifts depending on where you are and how you’re feeling.   I like that’s something you can learn, and not something you’re just sort of stuck with as is. 

I like thinking about reading and time, how your consciousness of time disappears when you’re engrossed in what you read and how it’s a kind of internal time, rather than an external one, regulated by your own pace and not something outside.

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