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This week I’m working on an exciting new project.

I’ve got an open-ended group of prints going, color runs printed from a group of shapes carved out of linoleum, sort of like a very small alphabet of shapes.

I’m starting with maybe five or six of each shape and then layering something different to each on each successive run.

Then there’s a text that goes on top: a collection of found text, quotes, stolen phrases, loosely organized around eating. The end result with be a short video and a boxed set of prints; I’m thinking the video will be the ‘bound’ version-with the text presented in a set sequence to be read, and then the box of prints can be read in whatever order the viewer wants.

I’m scanning in each progressive state of each print, so that there’s a record of what happens over time to it. I’m also leaving in all the typesetting errors and corrections, so that there’s a record of that process as well.

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