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I started running consistently about a year ago, as an attempt to spend more time doing things I claimed to like. It’s probably the best part of my day. I’m a slow runner, and part of why I like it is it’s about slow changes over time. I can run only two more miles now than I could at the beginning, and can run them faster, but the difference is slight, really considering how much time I spend at it. I like that its something you practice and cobble together over time.

It helps that I’m running in one of the best parks I know. It’s a lovely way to begin a day. 

I’ve been working on things like this for awhile: 

which will eventually be a book, and which will also, hopefully, be a video, which will also, hopefully, be cobbled together over time. And show time, and show language over time. The language itself being about the rhetoric and mechanics of transformation, which usually takes place over time, though people object to that quality and would like to speed up the length of time it takes to transform, time being precious and all, and language being easy to manipulate. It’s easier to tell a story about transformation than it is to transform, or at least it takes less time. Time being the thread that’s connecting this to running, and to my job, which is both short of time, and long-lasting, and to this: 

which will hopefully grow over time. There’s something perverse about setting lead type by hand, printing it, then cutting it back into little pieces that I enjoy. A perverse use of time, which is perhaps also how I feel about blogging about slowing down time. Blogs also, of course, being something that is generally cobbled together over time, which might mean I will like it and continue doing it, or perhaps not.

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