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I think that I turned some kind of corner when I realized that no single moment in time was unendurable in and of itself. I think right after that point was the point where I realized that if you focus of your attention towards something boring and monotonous, it stops being boring and monotonous.  

I came across this today: 

Daily life has become a cacophony of experiences that disable our senses, disconnect us from one another and damage the environment.

But deep experience of the world– meaningful and revealing relationships with the people, places and things we interact with– requires many speeds of engagement, and especially the slower ones.

‘Slowness’ is a holistic approach to creative thinking, process and outcomes. It envisions positive human and environmental impacts of designed products, environments and systems, while constructively critiquing the processes and technologies of which they are born. It celebrates local, close-mesh networks of people and industry, it preserves and draws upon our cultural diversity, and it relies on the open sharing of ideas and information to arrive at innovative solutions to contemporary challenges.

 I get nervous whenever someone starts talking about deep experience of the world. I should probably get over that. The above is from slowlab, a nyc organization that promotes ‘slow design’, by fostering exhibitions, events and other projects. They have involved a really broad range of individuals, urban planners, designers, makers and academics from a variety of disciplines, which is exciting to see. You can read more here:

The photos are from my met trip yesterday. Arms and armor really are everyone’s favorite. I always wish the lighting was better in the period rooms, I’d like more photos of those. Then I went to the park, which was more crowded than I would have liked. Then I went home and made this: 

And this:

Which is coming along nicely. And so I had a perfect Sunday. 

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nice article…

October 13, 2008 - 2:55 pm

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